Mirabelle at Lake Tahoe

About Us

Mirabelle at Lake Tahoe is a French-inspired restaurant where hospitality, food, wine and tradition come together to give the guest a truly warm dining experience. Mirabelle prides itself on being a warm, inviting and friendly full- service, fine dining restaurant in an Alpine setting. Mirabelle is more than a place to come and celebrate the big events in our lives; it is the place to come to celebrate the important things in our lives that happen every week..

Philosophy of the Food: Tradition and Uncompromising Quality

The philosophy of the food at Mirabelle is to respect the tradition of the restaurant and its food, as well as to respect the uncompromising quality of each ingredient that goes into each dish. At Mirabelle, it is not about the plate, or the flatware, or the stemware: it is about quality of the food on that plate, the quality of the wine in the stemware, and the quality, warmth and tradition of the service. Commitment to these ideas is what will sustain Mirabelle into the future. The menu at Mirabelle will feature as much local and seasonal product as possible to stay true to the concept of fine French food.

The menu at Mirabelle will always reflect what is at the peak of seasonality and as local as possible, which is the way the French have been cooking for hundreds of years, tradition. Because of this constant commitment to quality, seasonality and tradition, the menu is well thought out and tightly focused on quality: of the ingredient and the finished dish. We keep the menu small: do a few things, but do them extremely well. Or, for music lovers: play only the notes you want to play.

Philosophy of the Service: Warm, friendly, professional and treats the guest as a guest.

Each guest at Mirabelle is treated as you would a guest in your home. Hospitality is a lost art, and we at Mirabelle are bent on bringing this art back. When guests come to a restaurant they are hoping to be treated with great care and understanding. We want our guests to return not just because of the food, but because they love the hospitality they receive while they are with us. The service staff at Mirabelle is well-trained and knowledgeable about the food being served and preparations, as well as wine and spirit savvy. All of this combines to offer the guest a very special dining experience that can be enjoyed for any reason or no particular reason at all.